Demostrando que el autismo no siempre significa discapacidad intelectual

Tan solo los padres de Carly Fleischmann apostaban por ella. Decían que tenia una fuerte discapacidad intelectual asociada al autismo. Pues resultó no ser así. Hoy Carly se comunica mediante la escritura, es más, está escribiendo un libro

This song has been written by Carly Fleischmann who is diagnosed with autism and oral motor apraxia.

Carly cannot speak a word out of her mouth. However, Carly can type on a keyboard to communicate.

Carly has asked Kaitlin, an upcoming country artist who is facing her own challenges as a result of low self-esteem due to bullying, and Lil Jaxe, a rapper who has caught the world’s attention for being a fluid rap artist despite a speech impediment that makes it hard for him to get a word out, to collaborate on this project.

Together they have teamed up to show the world a powerful message. “It doesn’t matter what your challenges are as long as you’re ready to try to overcome them.” Carly Fleischmann

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